With years of movies production experience producing content for a variety of businesses, our people have both the technical skill and passion to create content that engages and entertains.
AV Moviesworld combines all the stages of production under one roof, making available to the client each of the services necessary to carry out your project. We have a large portfolio of experienced technicians and producers committed to AV Moviesworld and willing to give the best service. We offer full service all over Greece and Cyprus.

A wide range of high-definition cameras with complete support gear is conveniently located at our company. Our gear is impeccably maintained and our rates are competitive!

Tax benefits, equipment renting, shooting permits, casting, locations, accomodation, insurances, etc. are included to our full service.

We are providing production services and securing the cash rebates in both countries Greece and Cyprus. The Cash Rebates in Greece is 40% and in Cyprus 35%.

We are able to cash flow and get a loan against the rebates through our investment sources if the remaining funds are in place.